1. T

    Crypto offers

    Hi Guys, I have some crypto traffic which I want to monetize. Anybody here who have some good offers?
  2. W

    After FTX, now BlockFi falls! Who is next?

    After FTX, now BlockFi falls! Who is next?
  3. Otman Novovic

    Where to buy USDT at a cheap price?

    Hey, I live in a country where cryptocurrencies are illegal and the only way to buy them using P2P on Binance and the local sellers take this opportunity to skyrocket the USDT price honestly I can't afford those prices and I would love if I can get USDT at the there original price thank you <3
  4. Toz

    Wow! Found This in an Old Dropbox Account I had from Years Ago!

    The price of BTC back then... Fucking hindsight. Also, I noticed I had BHW as a pinned tab. BHW is life.
  5. Patchy420

    Just bought DAG what is my future?

    What are my future predictions for me?
  6. timothywcrane

    Is BTC + DLC the Ethereum/Polygon killer?

    I know that the DLC toolkit is a little rudimentary compared to the ETH/Cosmos etc... world. But does that really matter when most people still haven't figured out how to pay their friends with any of the most popular currencies... There's still plenty of room in the adoption curve. Could the...
  7. skferdous

    Lowest BTC transaction fee

    I need to send a small amount of bitcoin to multiple addresses. Can someone suggest the best way to send BTC and the lowest fee?
  8. Ahmirof

    Paypal to cryptocurrency (Except Coinbase,Etoro,Paxful,Localbitcoin)

    Hi, Due to the sansaction against my country (Iran) and restricted by all over the World, I can not have any international bank account, Or pass the most of Financial website's Verifications. Except when I can Bypass the Verifications. I have a Paypal account that is the only international way i...
  9. R

    Need quick answers please!!!

    I'm currently on a binance futures trade, doing long on AVAXUSDT and my liquidation price is 17. I waited till it touches 23, but I think it'll go down than that. What should I do? Should i sell in loss or should I wait???
  10. ranga

    BTC My Technical Analysis

    I don't invest in Bitcoin, but I like playing around with Technical Analysis and here is what I am seeing. BTC broke long term trend line (see post here #78 ) and went into short term consolidation. The overall outlook is still bearish. It broke very short term consolidation trend...
  11. PawanYadav8511

    BTC Price Action UP OR DOWN

    What are your views on BTC Price Action?
  12. Alma

    Never use eToro crypto wallet, they are ****

    Hey, So yesterday ať 13:46 I received email stating that I broke their wallet's ToS (???) and they closed my account and will credit the value of the BTC at the previous' day closing rate (??? BTC doesn't have closing hours like stocks). Then I checked and there was another email 1 minute...
  13. 77vxg

    cheap vccs for discord and paypal

    I need someone who is selling cheap bulk vccs for paypal verification and discord verification. I will pay you in BTC. - vccs for paypal need $3 USD balance for verification and vccs for discord need $1 USD balance for verification - vccs must be valid for at least 1 year and be visa or...
  14. creativemaster

    Will BTC come down 29k$?

    Will BTC come down 29k$ at the end of this month ? And at the moment which coin is best for long term investment?
  15. EstherLee00

    FTX BTC Giveaway on Twitter

    Guys I saw a video on TT where the people behind FTX are doing a giveaway on twitter during the Super Bowl game via an ad and users only have to retweet the ad the FTX page post and pinned to their twitter feed. What are your thoughts on this, I think it might be too good to be true but what...
  16. J

    Where can I buy Bitcoin with just a pre-paid Visa?

    Hey all, As far as I know, I can use a pre-paid Visa online (atleast Visa's website says so). I was planning using this to buy Bitcoin. However, are there any exchanges or websites that do not ask for any other verification, like an ID of some kind, or SSN? I am trying to buy Bitcoin as...
  17. tazarbm

    where can I buy crypto with real money, 100% anonymously?

    Hi, I am trying to buy 100 euros worth of crypto to dip my toes into this quicksand thing called crypto but I'm going through the list of exchanges that everyone and their sibling recommends and I feel my blood boiling (like, literally) because each and every single one of these exchanges...
  18. alurosu

    No BTC under 60k panic post?

    I am shocked nobody is talking about it. Why do you think this happened? Why do you think everyone is so sure it will go up? Is that a risk sign?
  19. astro2014

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Can anyone here recommend a crypto based MLM system developer company that accepts payments via paypal or I ask this because I need to find a company with those characteristics and the 6 that I have found only accept payments by card or in BTC and the truth is that I am not going to...
  20. ValerieMeshko

    Stash on 2011 y

    The inscription on the disk "Mining, March 2011, stash, 1-btc - sell for 100"