1. akaseo

    50% apy on usdt. Safe or potential scam? Can anyone tell

    50% APY for storing USDt in Wallet In collaboration with TON Foundation, Wallet launches the Wallet Earn campaign and allocates $30M for USDt holders! To participate in the program, deposit up to 3,000 USDt into your bonus account. You'll receive a 50% APY in the first two weeks and a 25% APY...
  2. KityClaped


    here is how I have done it a few times, it is a little slow but worth it! 10/10 1. Google ipayyou and the site should come up. 2. Ipayyou allows you to signup and get bitcoin from buying giftcards on amazon. This even works on fresh amazon accounts most of the time. 3. Go to the...
  3. Digitly

    Show your crypto staking, here is mine

  4. Digitly

    $38 Fees to send $54 worth of Bitcoin!

    This is ridiculous!
  5. Digitly

    Non-Custodial BTC Staking, is it safe?

    Core chain is now allowing Non-Custodial BTC Staking My concern is with the requirement of specific wallets Xverse or Unisat Can they be trusted?
  6. davids355

    Bitcoin: the first purpose built currency

    I see the arguement often that Bitcoin has no value and therefor it is worthless, it can't be used as an investment, it can't be relied upon and it won't last. However, I beleive that we have never seen anything like Bitcoin before; it is the first of its kind and therefor it is not possible to...
  7. davids355

    Bitcoin is infinitely special

    It doesn’t matter how much I learn about Bitcoin there is always some new bit of information that increases my enthusiasm for it. There’s really nothing like it in the world and whilst I believe crypto in general is the digital transformation of the finance world, Bitcoin is the driving force...
  8. MrT131

    BTC is at $73K! Let's talk about your exit strategy.

    Hey BHW, BTC does not want to stop. Every little dip gets bought by ETF investors and others. Now we're even at $73K and I feel like we need to talk about something which is often forgotten. Every good trader or investor should have an exit strategy. What is your exit strategy with regards...
  9. S

    a question I'm having a hard time getting an answer to.

    Is there a service which will tell me how anonymous my BTC wallets are? Like can you hire someone like Chainalysis to do that? (they don't offer it for individuals btw)Some but not all of my BTC was acquired via KYC Central Exchanges. The rest is non KYC. I want to see how much of my personal...
  10. 1SEOWarrior

    How did MicroStrategy acquire BTC with less than the market value?

    MicroStrategy has acquired an additional 3,000 BTC for around US$155M at an average price of US$51,813 per Bitcoin. As of February 25, the company holds 193,000 BTC acquired at an average price of US$31,544 per bitcoin. What is this average price?
  11. Boostyagency

    Who can help me write smart contract for my site

    Someone can help me write smart contract which will automatically transfer cryptocurrency to other wallets on ERC 20 BEP 20 TRK 20
  12. squadus

    Will Bitcoin Price Skyrocket Before The Next Bitcoin Halving?

    As the countdown to the next Bitcoin halving event in April draws near, speculation is rife about the potential impact on Bitcoin's price. Join me as we delve into the intricacies of this phenomenon and explore the burning question: Will Bitcoin's price skyrocket before the next halving? I...
  13. davids355

    Is Bitcoin dead?

    According to the European Central Bank it is.
  14. 1SEOWarrior

    BTC near to 50K, what's your thoughts?

    BTC price is hitting it's all time high. So what's your thoughts on reaching this milestone?
  15. falxifer

    Bag Getter...

    wsg yall imma be posting various methods that im using to bring in sum internet $$$. follow a nigga and lets get sum shit going... also looking for bank log vendor
  16. Sunya

    Bitcoin moved barely below 40k USD with such selling pressure.

    Grayscale has now moved a total of 100,000 BTC to Coinbase to dump on the public since Bitcoin ETF launch. Source: X Search Grayscale dead. Long live the bull.
  17. vincentcarbert

    An article summarizing BTC layer2 projects and their interaction strategies.

    The current BTC ecosystem inscriptions are continuously booming, having already broken out of their niche and spurred a wave of interest in inscriptions on other chains as well as the development of the entire BTC ecosystem. Many people are now pondering what the next potential trend will be...
  18. d11

    Question related to Binance KYC

    So I would like to know what are the chances that you can get in trouble by using binance wallets with your own ID and all information about you for some gray transactions.
  19. Danny Crypto

    What are your views on BRC-20 ? Is it going to be better than ERC-20?

    If you don't know BRC-20 you are not updated with crypto trends at all. BRC-20 Tokens Total Market Cap is more than - $475,058,296 in the current scenario just think of an idea what will happen in bull run. [Source - brc-20(dot)io] New wallets are getting introduced UNISAT, AlexLab is some of...
  20. Jake662

    Journey To Starting A BTC Mixer

    I would like to start off by welcoming you to my new thread. Here we will be discussing my journey in the BTC Mixing scene. I have the following done and setup accordingly: 1. Domain Name ✅ 2. VPS Hosting ✅ 3. Mixer Setup ✅ 4. Telegram Bot Setup ✅ I am looking into the following: 1...
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