1. Starblazer

    How to prevent xmlrpc.php attacks in wordpress?

    Wordpress has xmlrpc.php vulnerability which lets attackers to do bruteforce, DDOS, port scanning etc. By default, wordpress allows it to let the admins remotely post content to their blogs. I'm already using wordfence but there are hundreds of attacks every week. Is there any way we can...
  2. D

    [WTB] Need help to get a twitter account BF!

    Hello everybody, I'm new on this forum, so don't know if it's here to post this. Feel free to move it ;) I'm a new website owner with the website up really soon. I then need a twitter account, but it's owned by a 46 old lady with 6 followers and following 7 people. It was created in 2010 and...
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