brute force

  1. imonboss

    Can Unsuccessful Brute Force break a site

    Some A*hole is brute forcing my site like crazy since yesterday! I have taken the proper steps to defend the attack in every way possible! disabled xml-rpc, enabled blacklisting all the ip and last but not the least enabled cloudflare under attack mode (I am F**king Prepared :p). But since...
  2. jeremonster

    Protect Yourself from an unwanted Wordpress Brute Force Hacking Party.

    What is up with so many people trying to hack my WordPress sites? I have always believed that a strong password is the key to not having your WordPress site hacked and replaced with some casino or Viagra crap (it happened to me in the early days). By default WordPress does not limit the number...
  3. W

    Brute Force SEO EVO Professional - new release

    I know that this software is well maligned here, but having used loads of different posting apps I can't say it's any worse than many of the others out there. I've just downloaded the trial of the new "PRO" (?!!) and am running it now ... seems straightforward enough and probably better than...