browser fingerprint

  1. genito

    I need some help creating 10 instagram accounts with different proxies and phone numbers

    Hi, I wanna create 10 instagram accounts and manage them through facebook meta business suite. I will not open any of the accounts on my phone, my plan is to use meta scheduling for posts and that's it. I'm checking, for proxies (3 accounts with single proxy) 1. Can anyone...
  2. IvyChumba

    Looking for a Puppeteer dev, Browser Automation - Social Media Syndication project - $3,500-$4,000 project payout.

    Hello! We're looking for a freelancer - Expert in browser automation, specifically with Puppeteer, browserless and similar tools. The goal is building a social media syndication/automated posting project involving TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. We'd like to work on syndicating our content...
  3. Hidemyacc Global

    ▶️Hidemyacc◀️ Antidetect Browser For Making Money Online ✅Extra 10% Off For All BHW Members✅

    Refund Policy By paying for any of our services/packages, it means that you have acknowledged and agreed to our Refund Policy, that no refunds will be made once you paid. Therefore, your responsibility is to be aware of this before purchasing or paying for any of our services. We do offer a...
  4. HoangLe02

    How websites use ad blockers for browser fingerprinting?

    I believed that by preventing junk mail and advertisements, I was also preventing websites from following me. However, it turns out that fingerprinting can take advantage of ad block lists. Can someone describe how that is possible and whether it can be prevented?
  5. Hidemyacc Global

    Questions about browser fingerprint

    I access a webpage while using a laptop that runs Windows. I visit the same website after installing linux (either alongside Windows or without Windows). Is it possible for the website's owners to identify this is the same device? Would anything be strange about me if I purchased a Windows...
  6. Spottyyy

    I am looking for a multi browser profile manager tool (just like isolat8 which was shut down)

    I am looking for a multi browser profile manager tool (just like isolat8 which was shut down) Are there any affordable alternatives or even unpaid solutions? I have been working with portable browser for a long time but it takes up a lot of space.
  7. S

    Multilogin Browser and Youtube

    Hello I am planning to start 15+ channels. My only problem is how to manage all accounts, I was planning to use multilogin dot com, but im not sure if i can trust to this software and if youtube wont recognize it. I read a lot of reviews and seems that multilogin works the best for my needs...
  8. jaroule


    Hi Bhw members i wanted to know what is the real reason why do people use a antinfinger print browser? thank you in advance for your answers
  9. hongnguyen

    MultiBrowser Software - Manage Unlimited Profiles with Different IP and Browser Properties

    Main features of MultiBrowser Create and manage profiles in bulk on the same computer Saved logged in accounts on each profile Emulate thousands of devices (Desktop/Mobile) with different browser properties Can be used for many purposes: Manage social netword accounts, manage google ads...
  10. A

    [Tutorial/3Min read] How to manage multiple accounts

    Short intro Hello, we believe that we should educate our clients regarding multiple accounts management. In this guide, I will discuss about the pros/cons of residential & datacenter proxies but in overall, Datacenter proxies still works. not for more "heavy" operations like managing Google ads...
  11. noellarkin

    PaleMoon Browser: Manage Multiple Account Profiles, User Agents, Evade Fingerprinting

    I've been looking for an alternative to Mozilla Firefox (it gets more and more bloated with each update), and MultiLogin doesn't seem to work as well as it used to. I came across PaleMoon and it's literally the perfect browser for SEO persona management. I've shifted all my profiles to...
  12. dotaboy

    Where to get real Browser Fingerprint Database?

    Hello guys, I am handling thousands of Google accounts using Puppeteer + an extension to spoof browser fingerprint in each account. The extension adds noise to Canvas, WebGL, and randomize other properties, so Google can't detect that those accounts are running in the same machine. However...
  13. im_network

    Using dufferent browsers will solve browser /device fingerprint issue for fb account creation?

    I have 3, 4 accounts using from my pc each account using different browsers and proxy. Whenever i try to create a new account using a new proxy and with a new broswer, account gets disabled just upon sign up. Fb puts phone and photo verification restriction. It means that even with different...
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