broke life

  1. cojocusd

    Do not Gamble!Advice needed. I am totally broke atm

    Long short story. I am have a 8-5 job. In the last two years, because of my gambling habbit and bad money management I lost quite everything. I was gambling everything and too often. I gotta change this shit and I am super confident that I can. I live in Germany. I have around 25k in debt...
  2. R

    Hello Im D1

    So introducing myself here... I'm mostly a confused type a guy and boring Any help that i can give ill give just ask even tho i have no clue what i'm doing right now. Hope that says it all.

    Lost everything in Gambling ...

    Hello BHW legends, I know this forum is not for sharing personal problems or addictions but as a part of this community and as an Internet marketer just like everybody here, i feel I need to share with you my story so if anyone read this, he can learn a lesson and not fall in the same trap. I...
  4. erivesang

    Young beautiful and broke

    As I'm assuming all of you are as well. .... No? Just me .. lol New and learning - angie