1. evilshoes

    Hello from Brazil

    Hello everyone, I'm very happy to be part of the forum. I was an active member and participant in forums during my adolescence, and now I'm excited to reconnect with this community. I am a traditional executive in the field of marketing and business, having dedicated a portion of my life to the...
  2. EduIbba

    Brazil Dropshipping - "Remessa conforme"

    English version below. PT-BR: Olá pro pessoal do BlackHat, faço dropshipping no Brasil, todos meus produtos são acima de $50, que causa uma taxa de 92% sobre os produtos, para produtos abaixo de $50, será cobrado uma taxa fixa de 17% de ICMS entrei em contato com os agentes mais famosos, Wiio e...
  3. H

    Need backlinks from Brazil sites

    Please send me examples of your publications. I am also considering options for publications on the main page.
  4. T

    Brazil - Casino Traffic

    Is there anyone running casino traffic in Brazil? I have a campaign available.
  5. lexmontea

    Looking for a SMM Agency to handle Facebook Betting/Gambling for Brazil Geos

    I am looking for an agency that can handle betting/gambling traffic from Facebook and the targeting geos is Brazil. Please update me with best quotes for overall with details. Looking for long term working relationship
  6. L

    Brazilian Needed for Crypto Business

    Hi, Our team need reliable and trustworthy Brazilians to cooperate in Crypto business. It is a long term business and we are serious in making real money. If you are interested and want to know more details, let me know via [email protected]. Thanks and take care!!
  7. cauebampi

    BHW, I'm finally here!

    I have been working with digital marketing for companies and product launches for over 7 years. I'm here to learn, since a lot of information comes late for us here in Brazil. I intend to contribute with what I know and optimize my results by interacting with you. I'm looking for content about...
  8. V

    Looking for a Brazilian citizen for business partnership

    I am looking for a Brazilian citizen, a serious and reliable person for a new business. Daily profit 100 BRL or 260.81 BRL / day Only for Brazilian citizen.
  9. P

    Can anyone give me some tips on how to sell infoproducts?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the community and I'm very interested in learning more about digital marketing., digital product sales, I live in Brazil I believe this is an advantage, because products that are successful abroad take a while to get here, and having early access to these products would...
  10. duarte3003

    18 YEARS old Brazillian with 280$ p/ month

    hey, I want the opinion of you who live in other countries for a decision of what to do. here in Brazil we usually say that the foreign market, mainly the USA, is 5 years ahead, that is, what was happening there 5 years ago, here is happening now. at the moment here in brazil everyone started to...
  11. jemzozole

    Looking for 2 people to upload Tiktoks from your country (Brazil / China)

    Hello! I am looking for two people - 1 person from Brazil - 1 person from India - 1 person from China (Douyin instead of Tiktok) Other countries ️ Do you think that we would benefit from your GEO localization? Then, contact me with the details about TikTok in your country and its potential...
  12. dwallaci

    My Journey in PLR - Niche Black

    Hey guys, my name is David, I want to introduce myself and enjoy documenting my journey in the internet world. I already broke 5x investing money in courses, facebook ads, dropshipping and affiliation in other courses, adding the financial loss I had in that time, it was more than R$25,000.00...
  13. Marco Almeida


    Hi, my name is Marco Almeida, I'm Brazilian, I'm a traffic manager, but I want to create my infoproducts and launches business. I only have a little over a year in the digital market and I have a lot to learn, so I want to connect with experienced people who get results. Thank you very much for...
  14. P

    Does Brazil Netflix Free Trial still exist?? How does this work? Any Advice?

    this is from my supplier who helps me to reload for 2 months, but I don't know how they took the Free Trial + BRL 35 only for 2 months. (attached photos below) Also, a photo shows they just paid PHP 149 for Premium every month. Wondering how they did it. Any advice?
  15. A

    I want to be sure to use paypal (help)

    Hello, my doubt is if you think I should use paypal in my online store, I sell gift cards for PSN, Xbox and Nintendo, nothing illegal I just sell them a little above the price they mark and that's it, but I sell in Latin America and I have had some problems to receive payments from Brazil. My...
  16. Y

    Brazilian Boleto for Foreigners

    Hi, I badly need suggestion. I need to purchase something in Brazil the problem is I'm not there obviously and my local credit/debit card can't get accepted. Is there payment gateaway you can suggest for people like me.
  17. Holdentot_Accfarm

    How to Buy Crypto with Credit Card in Brazil

    Hello dear community, I am currently located in Brazil as a temporary resident. Which adds limitation in payment methods. I can use credit card and BR PayPal only. Could you please advise me on which exchange or service I can purchase cryptocurrency BTC or Altcoins.
  18. Kibriya505

    Brazil Email List

    hello guys, is there somebody in this forum who can give me brazil email list? thank you
  19. L

    Need very Specific leads

    Hey guys, hope i´m posting on the right place, if not just say so and i´ll correct it. anyways, i´m looking for very specific leads for brazil, is there anyone who could help me with that? thanks so much.
  20. N

    Brazilian web specialist

    Hello dears, I am Nicolas and I am a specialist in keywords and Brazilian market behavior.
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