brand name domain

  1. B17zr

    What is the best options when you choose a domain name for your business?

    Hi there, i want suggestions from you guys! I'm planning to go on a journey where I will be creating a Sub-niche site in the health niche, so all the articles will be mainly focused on this sub-niche, and want to ask what it best options are when you choose a domain for your business. would...
  2. B

    How to Brand my website?

    Hello, I am doing Seo for a website from Romania called "Attraction Club" which is now situated on 3-4 position on Google Ro for the search term "Attraction Club", and this is not ok, because i want google to display sitelinks for this search term and this thing will only be possible when i...
  3. virtualbyron

    Question concerning multiple branding SEO

    Hi, Currently I try to increase the trust of my site by branding SEO It can be good to have multiple brand for the anchor text ? diversify the anchor of its brand are beneficial ? For exemple branding anchor for fictive shoes shop called "shoes king" : Brand 1 : shoesking the shoes of heroes...
  4. M

    How many is usefull create backlinks with domain or brand anchor text?

    hello. i have many backlinks with many phrases.recently i buy a backlinks from PR 5 and PA +50 with my brand anchor text.(just brand without any other word).then my website ranked well in all related phrases. how many is usefull create or buy with domain/brand anchor text?if i continue buliding...
  5. C

    Bought domain with new brand. How to temp monitize?

    Hey! I bought a domain with a brand name in it that is the recent subject of much controversy. I know I will eventually get a cease and desist even though this brand is not trademarked yet. Or at least I could not find any nor an intent to trademark either. Any ideas on how to quickly monetize...