1. R

    Have you ever used MytubeBOT View or any other type of Socket bot ?? Please help me !!! urgent !!

    Have you ever used Mytube BOTView, or any other type of Socket bot ?? does the bot work to increase the number of your videos to YT Studio? I have purchased this Lisense Bot on the official web, when I use this bot, the description on the bot is sending views up to 15k / hour ... when I check at...
  2. Maya739

    Need a bot live viewer for chaturbate ! Help

    I need a program or a bot that can add anonymous live viewers to 300 ++. I tried it alone and I added up to 200+ live anonymous but added just like the figure but did not raise me in the top because the site climbs you on the number of IP-s adress that look at you live. All my...
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