botting farming

  1. noellarkin

    Site Account Creation and being 'grandfathered in'

    For those of you who are seasoned botters, of course botting and account creation has been getting more and more expensive over time, whether it's the cost of proxies or recaptcha solving when you start botting a site do you try to make as many accounts as possible as early as...
  2. L

    In need of streaming bot such as Spotify, Tidal etc

    I am currently in need of anyone with the capacity to create streaming bot so as to generate passive income. Hit me up on Skype - live:.cid.266bebc41d7f4952 Let's make a deal
  3. M

    spotify streams

    Hey I am looking for a good Spotify bot to work with. i Have my own premium accounts and proxies i just need a bot to run them and i need it to look legit Please contact me if you are interested