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    Hey everybody:) Im a musician & I looking for a bizzness partnership for Stats, DL`s or Streaming service on all Music platforms (Spotify, Napster ect). So if you are a software developer or something similar: just get in touch! :) greetings
  2. T

    How I can monetize my programming skills (bots/scrapers)?

    Hello! I am new here and I would like to get some advices, how I can monetize my programming skills. A'm already have permanent work, where I earn money, but there are a lot of routine. And in free time I write most bots and scrappers on php (I feel really pleasure to write something like that)...
  3. R

    How to make money with bots

    Hello, I'm am a self taught programmer and recently I found a method of making bot for gmail, facebook, twitter, reddit and possibly many other site I recent create this method so I am still exploring its possibly so I was wondering how I could use these bots to make money? I was think about...
  4. mainceaft

    I'm programmer looking for some one to share idea's and start products with .

    I'm web developer working mostly on PHP/wordpress and some time I work on Visual Studio(VB/C#) I know a bit about python , and I works on Server bit a while (so I can handle cmd Linux tasks ) . The problem I can't work alone I get bored very fast specially with complexes projects . In fact...
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    Bot Maker For Hire

    Hello, I am looking to hire a well practiced bot maker for a black hat job. I do not feel like specifying the details of the job to the entire forum so if you are interested shoot me a private message to learn more and apply.
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    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Hi BHW'ers, I am indostyle from the Netherlands. I joined this community as I am looking for help for my online business and especially in the area of bots. If you can help me out or wanna know more, hmu. Thanks guys.

    Looking for an experienced ELITE coder

    for ongoing projects. Need someone who is reliable and wants to make $$$ Please only serious replies ,I don't have time for any bs on here and being led on a blackhat goose chase. So if you want to make $$ and you are a good reliable programmer/coder message me and lets talk! thanks