1. botrockets

    Open Source Scrapebox Alternative (MagicBox)

    Hello Guys, I have just started coding on open source ScrapeBox alternative called "MagicBox" in incredible F# language. I need your help for features and suggestions. This tool will be free for all forever. Just now created a new repository here and I...
  2. botrockets

    BotRocket's Instagram User Media (Photos and Videos) Scraper

    This Scraper scrapes Instagram user's images and videos, just put username in "username.txt" file Just coded for fun !!! Coded in incredible F# language in 50 lines of code in 20 min. :D Feel free to ask questions, improvements etc. :) screenshot: Download...
  3. botrockets

    Bing Wallpaper Downloader

    This bing wallpaper download, downloads last 2 weeks wallpapers on I created this tool for my own purpose... I really like bing wallpapers.
  4. botrockets

    Instagram Hashtag scraper

    This Instagram scraper scrapes the hashtag's top 1000+ images I coded this in great F# language in just 20 min.