bot farm

  1. T

    Made an email varified reddit bot farm. Not sure what to do with it now...

    So for the last year ive been making a reddit bot farm that are email verified. They also farm post karma. Eventually i might sell upvotes or accounts but for now i am wondering what to do with it. I tried the Q and A method posted reletivly recently but that has major problems in 2021, namely...
  2. angryhat

    Looking for someone who manages a Twitter bot farm who can provide custom orders. (NO SMM PANELS)

    I'm looking for someone who can provide the following service: - Provide existing twitter users and customize them based on simple sets of parameters (tweets, name, profile picture, number of following, number of followers, etc) - Have the users interact randomly with a brand account (follow...
  3. Tabun

    [Journey] Reddit Bot Farm

    Over the past couple of weeks I've been working on a project in Golang to automate interactions with Reddit. I'm currently testing it with just 30 accounts but it should scale fine because of how I architected it. What I have so far: - "Identity system" - Each account is associated with an...
  4. vedeus

    Question for programmers (SMM)

    Hello there, I'm having a question about SMM panels. Specifically about Youtube Livestream views.. Like a fake audience. How is this created? What is needed? Some bot farm or what.. Because every SMM panel only provides this service for a small amount of time, like for 1 hour or 2.. Is it...
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