#boosting traffic

  1. Bigcookies

    How does Xrumer work

    I just attempted to use it today but Im not getting any traffic and my success rate is deplorable In total ive had 4 successes 0 partial successes 146 profiles and everything else (5470) is at rest but what does that even mean
  2. C

    Chaturbate bot for fake viewers, bot needed to boost view count

    NSFW Hey guys, I'm searching a program for a videochat site called chaturbate and other for a site named CAM4. I need a program that can bring fake views into a my room to be in the top page. I know that romenia /russian girls do their shows in a studio and ALWAYS are in the front page, so I...
  3. keenmobi

    [Indie Developers] Obstacles in Getting top in Store

    So many stories how it's time consuming the developing an App by your own efforts. But it's only the top of icebergo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O Then the main journey begins when developers become to introduce their App to users and struggle among their competitors. Many Apps just dying becouse of poor promotion...