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    ¿Bookmarkwiz or BookMarkingDemon?

    Which of both programs is better? Bookmarkwiz = 97$ BookMarkingDemon= 147$ Which is your favorite?
  2. 7

    Bookmarking Demon or BookmarkWiz

    Which is better, Bookmarking Demon or BookmarkWiz? Has anyone used both and compared them? Why is one better than the other? If I got one, would I need both? Or, is there any other bookmarking software on the market that is better than both of these? Thanks
  3. D

    Best Social Bookmarking Strategy

    Alright, so I've been working with a pack of gmails I purchased to add a new set of accounts to BookmarkWiz everyday, I'm up to a few hundred verified accounts in it now. I have a shit load of identically structured sites, all with unique content. Each one has about 15 urls I want to bookmark...
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    How do i get Cloakfish proxies to work? please help

    We've recently purchased Scrapebox, Link farm evolution and bookmarkwiz and needed to get some private proxies. So my boss kind of rushed ahead and purchased 1 months 15 private proxies a day from Cloakfish. I've got cloakfish working through my browser, But, is there a way that i can get that...
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