book formatting

  1. The Curator

    13+ Steps on How to Market Your Book Successfully (Add to the List!)

    I saw a thread asking for help and decided this should probably be it's own thread. I dont believe in trying to rank books unless you have a really small niche with keywords that readers frequently use to find books similar to your own. Instead, I recommend a mix of traditional and modern...
  2. HelenaS

    How to convert PDF ebook into KINDLE format? Help!

    Hi people! Currently, I am writing my first ebook in Canva online tool for creating graphics or documents and I will be saving the file like PDF. When I am done, I will be self-publishing it on KindleAmazon. But, I have one question about it. Do I need to convert PDF file into KINDLE format so...
  3. A

    software for kinlde format

    Hi, please i need a very good software that i can use to convert my word file to kindle format without loosing the images in the word file. I have calibre but it removes and spoils the images after conversion. Please suggest me names of best software to convert for kindle perfectly