1. ausardevendra


    Sms bombing andorid app visit here "sh . st / AzvEG"
  2. B

    Whatsapp BOTs (BlackSanta)

    Whatsapp BOTs I am a new member to Black Hat World and to make a positive start I have got a creative idea for some whatsapp automated spam BOTs aka a more powerful whatsapp bomber. I will be developing this application in C#. Fuctions - Load upto 10 BOTs - Spam one person from loads of...
  3. S

    How to use wikibomber with your own list of wikis ?

    I have a list of wikis what I would like to use,but once imported from txt file it says "not checked" and when trying to create account it crashes. Is it crashing because its not checked ? Thanks
  4. Empire007

    [HELP] Dont Know How To Use Wiki Bomber

    Please I dont know how to use Wiki Bomber. Can anyone show me a tutorial
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