1. K

    Looking for pinterest board invites in gardening niche!

    Hey, Looking for invites to active boards in the gardening niche. Anything related to gardens, yard, backyards will work. I’m not looking for huge follower numbers, I’m looking for boards with high engagement and boards by real people. Please don’t contact if you are gonna resell from fiverr...
  2. N

    Looking for big boards / accounts / influences in "home decor" and "garden ideas"

    Hey guys, I am looking for anyone who has solid boards, accounts or accesses to active group boards that are actually getting repins in home & garden niches (or DIY). I have an authority site optimized for pinterest traffic and looking for any ways to get more traffic from pinterest. I am...
  3. N

    PINTEREST Board exchange- I can offer 20 large food niche board invites.

    If you can offer me 20, or more good, food related boards. I will reciprocate with up to 20 large Food Boards. PM me for details
  4. SergiuMaties

    Pinterest Board Exchange

    I'm in five community boards in food niche some with followers between 17k and 110k.I get sometimes 100 repins on a single board. Hit me on skype: sergiu.maties if you are in some quality boards and looking for exchange.
  5. D

    Board,Phrase,Exact are types of search ?

    Hi everyone, I am newbie 1/ so is it right ? 2/AND WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN SEARCH RESULTS ? Thank you! THANK YOU
  6. wpbacklinks

    [ASK] Pinterest - How to pin images from many webpages?

    Its a wordpress blog. i have arround 150 postings, each post has its own image. question: how do i pin all of those images at once to the same board? do you know any software which can do this? Thank you! :cool:
  7. study123

    How i Can repin one user board completely with pinblaster

    any one could give me advise on How i Can repin one user board completely with pinblaster ,as if i download them all ,the pin without description is odd as well ,any one can help me with this ,thanks so much
  8. A

    Pinterest Group Board Invite Exchange

    Hello I am interested in exchanging pinterest group board invites. Let me know what size boards you have and I will try to match with the same amount of followers. Just pm me. Also, no spammers please. Only people who wish to pin legitimate things at a reasonable rate. Thanks in advance.
  9. R

    Pinterest : What BH methods to have a lot of followers ?

    Pinterest : What BH methods to have a lot of followers ? - I'm very new in Pinterest, but I really want to invest time and a little money in it. I really like the concept and that's a great montivation (I cannot do IM stuffs just for money, if I want to have success I need to have a...
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