1. fakeplastictrees

    [Review]Joseph Tierney's BloggerGenerator

    Bought this product about 2 weeks ago for $67.00. Doesn't work out of the box, took me about 10 hours of messing around with it to even get the programs to run. Once I got them to run, I had to configure things for a while and read instructions, etc. After that, the blogger verifier would not...
  2. budicemerlang

    Please comment bloggergenerator

    Hi, I have plan to buy bloggergenerator this week but i have read some posting that G00Gleee shut d0wn them all , please give me review Thanks for your all
  3. M

    What is the best blogger generator for a startup affiliate?

    I want to know weather or not buying RSS to blog or Bloggergenerator or blog farm generator is the best decision. Is there anyone out there that has tried them all or anyone who started up using one or the other and is now making money through affiliate products or just promoting your website. I...
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