blog commenter

  1. arplayer2k

    Hiring - 25 DR40 Blog Comments Weekly, Do Follow

    I need at minimum 25 DR40+ blog comments dripped weekly. Do follow only sites. Doesn't need to be niche relevant. I am also looking for a bulk blog commenting gig as well for Tier 2 + properties. Drip would also be nice. Let me know if you can help and send me some link building reports /...
  2. N

    Need beta testers for my php automatic blog commenter script

    Hi Guys, I have started developing a php script to post comments on wordpress based blogs automatically. It is nowhere near completion and need feedback from experienced guys here to improve.
  3. J

    One Click Wordpress Comment Poster

    Hello Blackhatters, I have build a software which I call Comment Browser what basically does is allow you to post comments easily in any of the wordpress blogs. First of all what you do is start a project and enter your spinned details ( like name, email, url, comment ) then you browse the net...
  4. S

    nice tool autoblog comment

    I tried this tool it's nice and no captcha required, also it does its job quickly, but you need to provide all the information required to submit your comment, like name, email, comment...etc it calls "yahoo backlinks guy" :cool: , also I was thinking also to buy "blog comment demon", maybe in...
  5. givemelove

    Test out this New Blog commentor

    hi, i have Made a blog commentor and this needs to be put to bigger tests which i cannot do myself due to limited internet speeds. so, download this here VT ...
  6. J

    WTH Blog commenter

    I provide the blogs, about 100 to begin with. Paying $0.30 per comment that sticks. You write relevant comments, I provide the anchortext/URL. This is to be done MANUALLY, nothing automated, I will check. If you have proxies, your work will double. PM ME
  7. ExtremeSEO

    Universal Blog Comment Poster

    I am currently in the creation of a Universal Blog Comment Poster for the following blogs: Blogger Posterous LiveJournal Maneno Moxietype MySpace Open Diary Tumblr TypePad Typo Vox Xanga But I need to know what you are looking for in regards to features? Imagine for a moment...
  8. blackma

    Flutter, the new face of nano-blogging!

    This is very amusing wrkng for project :D This says it all tho...
  9. N

    WTH BLog Commenter

    Hi ! I want to hire a blog commenter. need 30 blog comments each day on Do-Follow blogs having a PR1+. 5$ for 30 approved comments. Of anyone interested, PM me or Add me at MSN. Thanks
  10. revit

    Free Online Blog Commenting Software

    Hey everyone! I am proud to announce the release of "COMMENTZ". Post your comments on 500 new blogs weekly. - Blogs are changed out every week to give you new backlinks to your site. - Integrated proxies are updated daily. - It's FREE! I will most likely be upgrading this to 1,000...
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