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    [GET] Free 1000 Blog Comments and 1000 Forum Profile Backlinks

    Hey, Offering 1000 Blog Comments and 1000 forum profiles to Jr. Vips and Donors ( Upto 10 ) and 500 Blog Comments and 500 Forum Profile backlinks to 20 members except newbies.Just Post on the thread and PM me the details. Details Needed : URL Keywords Duration Will be of 5 days.Thanks and...
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    Anyone used

    Main Q is in the title... Are they any good?
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    Wordpress commenting software

    Hello, I need to comment on blogs software that works with any certainty, and instructions how to use it. I tried all kinds of software on this forum but did not succeed, or I am wrong in their use. Please help me more if you want to upload a mediafire or any other uploader and some lines of...