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  1. Makingofkira

    How many comment backlink should I aim to target everyday?

    Hey guys! I have an amazon affiliate website, it is nearly 4 months old and has 10 articles and all are properly internal linked. My DA is 1 and PA is 19 maybe I haven't build a single link that's why my da is so low and my articles takes time to index. So, I saw website on flippa making 650...
  2. hkseosolutions

    Do-Follow Blog comment back-link on High Authority Sites 100% Handmade

  3. Tweekster

    ⭐ High Performance Do-Follow Link Building Strategy ⚡ 100% Manually Done ✅ Awesome Rankings ⭐ ✅ ✅

    A link building service is a digital marketing service performed by an experienced SEO consultant or an SEO agency that helps a company acquire backlinks through link building activities. Today, however, you can only focus on getting backlinks from quality websites that are relevant to your...
  4. P

    I bought some backlinks from a Fiverr seller and here's what happended!

    Hello guys. I am new here and this is my first post. Really excited to join BHW. I have a small niche website. I was struggling to build backlinks for my site. According to Ahrefs, I had only 300 backlinks. Then I ordered 400 do-follow blog comment backlinks from a Fiverr seller. After that, I...
  5. arplayer2k

    Hiring - 25 DR40 Blog Comments Weekly, Do Follow

    I need at minimum 25 DR40+ blog comments dripped weekly. Do follow only sites. Doesn't need to be niche relevant. I am also looking for a bulk blog commenting gig as well for Tier 2 + properties. Drip would also be nice. Let me know if you can help and send me some link building reports /...
  6. S

    Looking for Free ******** Commenting or forum Sites DA 30+

    hey, guys, I am newbie here is anyone have blog ******** commenting or forum sites with da 30+ kindly share with me. Thanks in advance
  7. W

    How to find blogs for commenting?

    Hey, My question is that how can i find blogs in my niche for commenting that accept comments. Your help will be highly appreciated. Mod please move this thread if it does not belong here
  8. hkseosolutions

    100% Manually High DA/PA do-follow Blog Comment Backlink (Low Cost)

  9. F

    [WTA] How to create blog comment backlinks?

    Hi, I just find out a blog, I would like try to create my link however unsuccessful. Can anyone teach me how to create? This is the blog link
  10. M

    Link building in Poland (forum posting, QnA-websites etc)

    Hello guys! I need help with link building on polish forums, blog comments and qna-websites. Is there anybody that work in PL?
  11. Raunakdope

    Vuukle and DISQUS comments search command

    I have never tried blog commenting for SEO but I have used blog comments to generate traffic to my blog. Vuukle and DISQUS are the best commenting system to generate traffic from Because many big sites use one of them to manage their comments. The comments are auto approve so you can easily...
  12. A

    Can I get blog commenting links ?

    Can I get blog commenting links
  13. ZhenSEO

    How to get PR 7 SEO backlinks from (FREE)

    Hey guys just chanced upon a fresh youtube content. Especially those who are trying to up their Authority Domain can consider. Basically the jizz of it is blog commenting. You create an account. You comment on it and leave your link below. Yes is do follow. (Ps : This is a blackhat method...
  14. D

    Can Someone tell How to post a link inside a comment

    I am running my head all around the internet and cannot find answer to my one question "How can I post a link inside the comment" It is not a regular blog and I have used all codes or formulas I have seen and used since long but no way it is being posted, So I though I should take help of...
  15. elner

    [Giveaway] 10 High PR 2+ Low OBL blog comments for first 10 members

    Hi, We are giving away 10 PR 2+ blog comments to first 5 Jr.VIPs & 5 Regular Members. Interested members can post below and i will PM them with Requirement. You Should have to leave Honest Review on my sales thread. Thanks
  16. K

    How I used SilkRoad, Ross Ulbricht & Scrapebox to get hundreds of quality links.

    Blog comments have been an effective way to get traffic & links for a long time, sadly so many people misuse them it's unbelievable. Today I am going to show you how to get comments past the spam filters and approved on high quality blogs with no spam! Please note, none of this is new, this a...
  17. gullsinn

    [GET] Actual Page Rank 2 - 4 blogs for comments low obl 2 2 2 2...
  18. B

    Do-Follow Blog Commenting List

    I need Auto approved Do-Follow Blog Commenting List. Requirements are given below 1.Auto approved rank must be 5,6,that means pr 5,6 (not domain page pr , on page pr) 3. Webpage cannot have more than 100 outbound links (will be checked using SEOQuake Firefox plugin) post...
  19. B

    Blog Commenting Links needed

    Hello, I need high PR blog commenting links less OBL of pages (MAX 50) can pay $.60 for PR4 $.85 For PR5 $1.25 For PR6 PM me
  20. J

    500 PR1 - PR9 Do-Follow Blog Comments Link

    Hi, It would be much appreciated if someoen could share your list up to 500 Pr1 - Pr9 do-blog comment links in here! You'll get Thanks! Janny