1. C

    PHP expert to update 5.x php scripts to 7.4 php and share the scripts here with the community

    Hello, Hope I am posting in the correct area of the forum. I have two old PHP scripts (not WP Plugins) just scripts with their own login page that would need a PHP expert to update to PHP 7.4. I am sharing the scripts here with this post. Hopefully someone can update them and share the...
  2. GideonKe

    How do you benefit from leeches

    My definition in this context: A leech is someone finding your information to then leave without clicking on a banner, entering his email or clicking on an affiliate link. Sometimes you see them copy your content to put it on their blog to claim it was theirs. Most of the time, he has an ad...
  3. Stonersky

    Instagram is blocking all my links

    Well so i started to try to make money with cpa. First i just made my links shorter with bitly and sites like that but they got instantly blocked. After that i purchased 1 domain with .net as ending to see if it also gets blocked and it got blocked after 1 day. I created a quick website to use...
  4. R

    Ubot blocker issues

    Hello all! I am new to the forum but I guess I'll start straight away with my question and we'll see if I can get this remedied :) I wrote a bot in Ubot 4.0 to do some automated processes that used to work just fine and had no issues. I spent a great deal of time designing and coding the bot...
  5. K

    Where can I fund those ads that do not require a credit card number?

    Im looking for some ads to go with my own custom content locker, but I joined Clickbank and all the ads I could find required a credit card number. I just want one that asks for Email and maybe phone number and zip code. And preferably on a network easy to join, like Clickbank. Sorry, I am a...
  6. J

    How to put a content blocker on a link

    Does anybody know how to place a content blocker(with CPA lead) on a link, so that the widget doesnt pop up until the viewer clicks the link. And i dont want the widget to pop up on the next page after the link is clicked. any help would be great. thanks
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