blockchain technology

  1. Sidaretta

    %51 Attack on Blockchain

    Hi everybody I'm blockchain researcher, and I need more details about %51 Attack on Blockchain, unfortunately I couldn't find any details about this, can anyone help me or introduce any reference for me?
  2. BobLender

    Facebook is to develop its own cryptocurrency

    Hey guys, I really choked over this news The Verge reported. Facebook is building a cryptocurrency designed to make it easier to transfer money on WhatsApp. It is reportedly looking to develop what’s known as a “stablecoin" at least as far back as May. Around that time, Facebook Messenger leader...
  3. rayblack

    What's your favorite messenger and why?

    I really wonder which messengers you use for daily communication? Do you consider security of your daily correspondence? I am using blockchain-based Adamant so far. It has user-friendly interface and I don't worry that someone is able to hack my data.
  4. AlanWatts33

    Hiring a blockchain/crypto educated writer

    Willing to pay a premium for someone that understands blockchain technology and can write clearly. These will be articles about security tokens, knowledge about those is a huge plus and you will be compensated greatly!
  5. Wilson Grant Fisk

    How to tell when someone is talking BS about blockchain? Ask these 3 questions.

    1. Can you describe your business to me without using the word blockchain? 2. Can you solve real problems I’m facing in my business today? 3. What blockchain technology are you built on and why did you select it...
  6. AlanWatts33

    "Blockchain Asset" Versus "Cryptocurrency"

    The state of crypto is changing, and in my opinion, for the better. Some may not see it on the outside, but on the inside its very apparent. The space it seems, has developed into two different branches. One I will call a blockchain asset. These are projects that are building innovative...
  7. virtualpurity

    Blockchain is the FUTURE ! SEC/CFTC Confirmed !

    Cryptocurrency maybe is a bullish market atm with a lot of hate and fuss, but the technology behind it is truly amazing and will get worldwide adoption one day making each and every one of our lives more easier. Also about the current market, here is a video about them stating they have no clue...
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