1. GainTheImpossible

    {BIG UPDATE!!!}Doing a test with blasting 2.5 mil backlinks on my website.

    Today 19/10/2020, the test ended, unfortunately. I have waited for enough to see the results. Unfortunately, this came to be a big disappointment as the 2.5 mil link led my website to its coffin. (LMAO) I expected it, tbh! So, what happened? You ask. Short but enough: Test started on 3rd July...
  2. LisaMIM

    I Need to be EVERYWHERE on Social Media

    Hello, I am looking to hire a marketer or a team of marketers to blow up social media. I want the marketing team to comment on other forums, pages, social mediums, get people to share and start a buzz online about my company. The goal is to become trending, get the attention of the...
  3. G

    ★ EMAILSTORM ★ Laser Targeted Email Lists ★ 40%+ Open Rates ★ Instagram,LinkedIn,Facebook etc ★

    Hi BHW, I am back again with a new service called EMAILSTORM We are providing LASER TARGETED niche specific email lists. The email lists are freshly scraped for every order. You can provide your niche/keyword/social media platform as sources and we will deliver the premium niche lists...
  4. MrClowder

    Vote: It's 2018, should you try to manually index backlinks, or let Google find them on it's own?

    I am seeing all these methods on how you can index your backlinks on Google. A lot of people are saying to blast them, or to submit them to google. A lot of people are saying it will work much better if you leave them alone. What are your opinions, what is your method, and why?
  5. theabcofxyz

    Need 5k emails sent

    I have a list of 5k emails I want to reach, would like to hear from experienced members. Thanks.
  6. Bread

    GSA SER Blasting T2 Links

    Hello, I have a few expired Web 2.0 Properties, and have recently purchased GSA SER, Scrapebox and Captcha Breaker. I have been reading various guides to building links, and have tried to keep it niche specific and HQ. Currently, I'm sitting at 14 submitted and 2 verified - the 2 verified are...
  7. olo555

    301's from money site subdomains

    Hello i have question its good idea to make couple of money site subdomains and blast them and after blasts make 301 redirects? Thanks for the answers.
  8. R

    WANTED: I need some who can get a topic trending on Twitter.

    I am looking for someone who can get a topic trending on twitter. Also looking for mass social media blast all over the entire web on an epic scale. I need this to be everywhere! Money not and issue, results is a must!
  9. M

    Facebook Email Blasting Limit

    Hello, If anyone know about the limit Facebook has for email marketing per hour or per day, that would be great, I've just ordered my first SMTP Server and I'm totally new to all this so any guide/advice will be really appreciated. Thanks
  10. H

    Need to blast a few Sites

    i need someone who can blast a few sites in order to get them off google. bad press, needed to be removed from google index asap. Not looking to push down, need them removed. pm
  11. Stufferizer

    My Scrapeb0x blasts are not building links

    Hey Community, last week I was trying to build some links for my first tier. However, it seems like they resulted in no links at all. I was using the fast poster and generic comments, had about 100 successes each day. Just from your experience, what would be a typical error of a newbie that I...
  12. s3v007

    Mass Mailing Questions

    Hello, I have a few questions regarding mass mailing, as I am relatively new to this. Your response is much appreciated. 1. If you want to blast around 100k emails, what would be the best method for getting the highest inbox rate? 2. How do you have Interspire shuffle between multiple IP's...
  13. BigFatWallet

    [Get] Another 10 FREE Scrapebox Blasts

    Hey, After giving away more than 10 last week. I'll be giving away more 10 free scrapebox blasts. You can expect to receive 1k+ links. I don't care what tier sites you want me to blast - just...
  14. azguru

    [GET] FREE Scrapebox Blast

    I have some new lists I want to try out in order to see their success rate, however, all my sites are too new to use them. If you would like me to blast your site, post on here - I will PM one of you. I will need your URL and a spun comment, after I PM you. I will not provide a report of all...
  15. ejcastle25


    Can someone help me get some backlink to my blog please. Or you can sb blast my URL. I need help, if anyone can help me thanks.
  16. B

    [FREE] Facebook Status Blast to 3,500+ Friends

    Open to everyone! I will post a facebook status update to my 3,500+ active facebook friends. It's free, just remember to click 'Thanks' and PM your message ;)
  17. whathell

    My Contribution: FREE 75 PR3+ Auto Approve Blast to BHW Members :)

    Hey guys, i've been a bhw member for about 3 years and probably didn't contribute a lot here. I do learn a lot of things from this forum and especially this adsense section since im working on micro niche sites project. Now maybe it's my time to help others while im having some free time. And...
  18. yorkee

    Scrapebox without proxies and captcha cracker

    Hello all, I am new here, and I want to ask a simple question. If I have AA list for scrapebox blast, should I still use proxies and captcha cracker? Thank you for your answers.. and sorry for my bad english :)
  19. P

    How do I get Quality Auto-Approve Scrapebox Lists whithout much effort

    1) Download this Add-on for Firefox: Link Gopher 1.3.2 2) Go to your website competitor and go check his backlinks on: xxx(backlinkwatch)com 3) Use link gopher to get all these backlinks found by Backlink Watch, copy and paste to a text format, and save it. 4) Download this AAA Auto-Approve...
  20. otsinc

    +++ bulk mailer for long term project needed +++

    We are looking to send up to 2 mio a day, but will start with 300-500k. If you are reliable and have good inbox rate, PM me with your skype name or other IM.
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