blast email

  1. ixilcrypt

    [HOW TO] send bulk emails via Mautic + Amazon SES

    Friends, I have been researching about sending bulk emails and couldnt come up with any good solution. After following youtube videos i came across this amazing software called Mautic. Mautic ( that's the best thing that have ever happened to email marketers ) Mautic is an open source software...
  2. digitalmarketingman

    [Need Advice] on mass emailing prospects

    Hello, I'm rizal. Please help me, I'm on my way to get started making money in IM. My problem now is sending mass email to the prospects. Because I had 500+ email list of prospect and recently I use email service like getresponse, sendblaster but got 0 open rates.
  3. digitalmarketingman

    [HELP] Need advice about sending email in bulk/mass without opted-in

    Hello, so recently I got banned from mailchimp cause sending bulk email to my 1500 email contacts, Idk why, I'm just offering SEO service to my email contacts that I harvested 2 days ago. I also use sendblaster but got an error since a long time ago. Anyone have advice to send bulk/mass email...
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