blank referrer

  1. andy2009

    Blank or Fake Referrer that is super super fast!

    I want to blank or fake referrer that is passed on when a popup/popunder script is executed. I have tried several methods but none work perfectly. The only methods I found so far that blank the referrer is the double meta refresh and and FORM post/get methods. When I check Analytics real-time...
  2. Asgardian

    Double Meta Refresh - Blanking ref, need some help!

    So, I've been researching about DMR some time and found out that this works only on firefox and IE, is there any other way to blank your referrer that works on all browsers? Thanks
  3. JohnsonDaniel

    FREESelf-Hosted Referer BlankerJohnsonDaniel's Latest Share

    My latest share is a self-hosted referer blanking script :) I'd like to ask for something in exchange though... Please, if you are grateful or you find a use for it, and you feel driven to thank me, do NOT post a "thanking post", just hit the button, it's what it's there for. Otoh, if you...
  4. E

    Blank Referrer Showing

    I'm curious... My statistics is showing that all my traffic is showing up as a blank referrer. Im currently using the .htaccess 301 / redirect method. Question tho, even tho its not "saying" exactly where my visitors are coming from, will this flag my account and my AM will notice something is...
  5. xLoKuMx

    My New Year Gift for BHW - Geo redirect script with blank referrer option...

    Hi everyone! I started learning PHP a week ago and coded some easy scripts for myself to gain experience. One of them is my New Year Gift for BHW. I read it a lot, people searching for a geo targeting script. So I think that it'll be of use for some of you... :) If you want to use it as...
  6. V

    Will GodCpa Do This?

    Someone told me GodCpa would do all this but I've never used that before. I'm looking for anything that can do what is listed below. It can be a single program, combination of programs, scripts, even consider paying to have it created. Ideally I'd like it to create the lander but if I had to...
  7. Hunwarrior

    [GUIDE] How to shorten your aff links properly

    Hi, To use only a shortener service has its negative sides. 1/ Some of us think shortener services sometimes shaves a bit. In other words, they change -some percent- of the affiliate links to theirs. 2/ Your links can be deactivated if caught on spamming. 2/ It cloaks your aff link, but does...
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