1. G

    Just Cloak it [Stole my money $798]

    Please read it till the end, i worked with Just Cloak it in 2017 but now it is not working anymore and stole my money. i got an account on Just Clack it cost me $399, i created my first campaign and it was under review after less than 12 hour i found my campaign [Money LP] on Adplexity mobile...
  2. dkinderis

    Blackjack/Roulette software wanted

    Hey guys, Google wasn't really suggesting anything what i was looking for so i turn to you loyal blackhatter. So i have this game gambling website and i was thinking about adding blackjack or roulette to the website. The only problem is being the fact that i don't have the experience to code it...
  3. J

    FB Cloaker Recommendations (Blackjack, wpcloaker, polarbacon)?

    Registered here so I can ask this information. I''m trying to get into advertising on FB. Since they've been crazy with the ban hammer, what's the best cloaking script out there that has good support and updated list of FB IP, ASN, UAG, etc. Seems like there's a $1,000/month private script out...
  4. d4l1t0s

    Is there Any good E-book on blackjack ?

    Hi Guys , I was wondering if there is any good ebook to learn strategies or card counting for blackjack . Yesterday , It was the first day that I played Blackjack on my life ( usually I play poker) and I did like it ...(I win 400$ :D:D (thanks to an old lady lol )) So I m looking if there...
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