blackhat tool

  1. WilsonScottk

    [Journey] Dominate niche site with automated tools and bank with affiliates

    Hello friends :) After been offline for last year i decided to reboot what i have been doing. I am going to log every record here as much as i can. My Budget Since i used to work on niche marketing i have major tools i had to purchased a vps proxies and some services. Expired domain -...
  2. M

    Anyone here who can help in GSA tool

    Hello Everyone, I want to use the GSA website contact tool. I have a website URLs list and I want to run the GSA website contact tool for that but I am facing an issue showing Recaptcha. I try every possible way to solve this issue. hope someone helps me here. Some questions in my mind...
  3. zuhrul

    Invite All Friends on Facebook Like Your Page - Imacros

    Hello do you need imacros script for inviting friends to like your page ? this is free imacros script for you may you can click thanks before you try this script i hope this script can be useful for you enjoy this SET !ERRORIGNORE YES SET !LOOP 0 SET INIT 1 SET STEP 1 SET VALUE...
  4. zuhrul

    LazyBOT Add All Facebo*k Friends Group FREE

    Hello i was make imacros script yeah may this can useful for getting many friend on targeted goups just click thanks if u feel useful after using this script requirements imacros any version (new version recommended) browser chrome (tested and work) open mobile facbk url m.facebo* Set...
  5. S

    Thread Deleted

    Thread Deleted
  6. R

    REQ(need fake email generator)

    i saw this software on one of the threads about a year ago but the link is no longer working looking for someone that could give me a link or the software what it does The software could generate up to 10,000 mails in 40 sec this names are already pre imputed into the software,all i need do...
  7. S

    Indian Private Proxy NEEDED

    need Private dedicated Proxy any one provide please pm me...
  8. B

    [Question] Research methods to drive blackhat traffic

    Hi guys, My question is how to know the traffic sources of a website. I know a website that have over 150.000 page views per day. Day 1: 15.000, day 2: 30.000, day 3: 70.000, day 4: 170.000!!! day 5: 125.000 and so on. always >125.000 I know that its traffic is not from Search Engine because the...
  9. M

    Blackhat tools for adsense?

    what BH tools can I use it without BAN hammer? is it possible?
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