blackhat automation

  1. S

    How does the fake follower tools/fiverr gigs work?

    I'm quite curious to know that how fake followers are created and how does this all work(including the fiverr gigs which are like "I will add 35,000 real looking twitter followers to your account in less than 24 hours for $5? Also are there any beginners guide or some learning resource available...
  2. G

    Black hat way to get blog pageview

    hello, pls i wanna know if there is a black hat software that can generate page view by BOT or something like that, I just need to input the website URL, and the site will got thousand of page view, i wanna use this to increase my Alexa rank and weblog popularity..pls help.. i will be Glad if...
  3. budicemerlang

    Where to find BH market automation tools?

    Yes i know in this BST i can found some automation tools lol, but if you have any experienced bought on others site for Blackhat automation tools , would be nice for comparison and sharing. Muchas Gracias