black hat secrets

  1. F

    Offered To Be A CMO in A Crypto Traiding Company - Need Your Advice

    So a friend of mine who made a fortune working in Forex companies, has started a new company which is basically doing the same, only in the crypto world. He approached "a friend of mine" and offered him to take over the marketing and lead generation part of the business. And though this...
  2. vinn12

    Do people use Pinterest to rank their website quickly ?

    Hello Fellas, I saw some people using Pinterest to upload their niche specific photos with their services and phone number on it . Is worth doing something like that ? Thanks :)
  3. Sunny A. Pt.

    BlackHatSEO # Rank WebSite Quickly # Drive Fast Traffic

    Can abybody plz help me ? Plz Guide me to Apply black # BLACK HAT SEO # RANK SITE QUICKLY # DRIVE MUCH & MORE TRAFFIC
  4. M

    Required a SEO expert for high competitive youtube marketing

    Hello. I require an SEO Expert who can rank my videos on a high competitive keyword. I ll be having atleastof 10 videos per month and it can go to 30 also if quality work is done. the renking should be doe in 24 -36 hrs
  5. creativeshuvo

    How do I rank event blogs in less time in Google?

    Hello BHW members . I hope you guys are rocking on your work. I want to know some Black hat techniques so that i can rank my event blogs site rank in Google within 20 days. is it possible?. I would like to mentioned one thing this technique must be updated and currently you using it and you are...
  6. S

    Help with Smart Seo (black + white)

    Hi, i start with seo 2 years ago, and it is working to me, but each new google change, the things are less effective. I use bh tools for do white seo (only for automatization and use a few all days), where can i find real ways to improve my seo works? I listen about social networks are...
  7. I

    New black hat site for other countries will be open

    It will be opened a new black hat board site for this countries (and languages) 1. slovak + czech 2. poland 3. germany + austria the open day date is not known yet. Bye
  8. B

    What Blackhatguru Wants To Be A Film Producer?

    I am just starting my new journey with blackhat and thought that maybe instead of racking my brain and waiting forever, I can partner up with someone who is in this space for: Making Movies! I am a film maker and film producer who is turning to black hat methods to make money to finance my...
  9. G

    My Boss is a BULLY! Can you help me?

    Hi Guys, I stumbled on this forum by accident last night and am hooked - I have been reading your posts for 6 hours straight. Can I ask for some friendly direction, I feel like i have info overload and not enough time! Ok a brief rundown of what Im seeking is here - ***My question to you...
  10. X

    1,000,000 Views For Your Site FREE.Black Hat Method

    I've been all over the web the past 2 weeks trying to find a good way to automate traffic to my site.So i've looked into autosurfing.I joined a few and ran them and they were all basically the same.So I finally found one that I like,and it is well rounded with alot of options and will give you...
  11. T

    Hey BHW

    Looking to get to find cool partners here in BHW. Thanks... ANY advice is accepted!....
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