black hat link techniques

  1. SemiCoolGuy

    Looking for a Kick-Ass BlackHat SEO PRO

    HI all, i am looking for a talented blackhat SEO ninja for various projects we run in different niches. IF you are the MAN or know someone who does some black magic, make sure to refer him to me :) Thanks!!
  2. S

    Link Strategy for 301 redirected domain

    Hello, I'd love to have some expert opinion on building links for a 301 redirected page. Let me explain. I have which was rebranded and relaunched earlier this year from the I have already done the 301 redirects from the old to the new and its working...
  3. john carry

    can anyone tell me about how to link index instant in Black Hat?

    Hello Guys, Have anyone knowledge about instant console link.
  4. J

    How google does detect black hat SEO backlinks

    I wanna buy some backlinks from a link farm, but I wonder how does google detect this kind of things, is there any way to avoid being detected by google ?
  5. tushar3

    Need Help In SEO Strategy

    Hi Guys,I am new in IM and I need your help. I have heard the name of black hat tools like Senuke and Scrapebox . I only know that they both create backlinks,wikis,bookmarks etc but I don't know the strategy I mean which tool is good in which type of linkbuilding i mean which tool is good for...
  6. O

    Black hat beginner need coaching. Please SAVE My SITE!

    Please tell me where did I go wrong? or If I have nothing to worry? please help me to save my site... My money site was launched on 13th With a dozens of quality unique contents And I add 1-2 content per day Then I start doing my levels on 15th I put in my level one with 700L On 17th-18th...
  7. N

    How to get 1st page of Google (tempprarily) within few hours?

    Dear friends, is there any way (tricks of black hat) to get my site in the first page of Google within 2-3 hours? I need temporary position. It may also be only for 1 hour. Short time needed. I don't need permanent. It's really urgent. Please help me to do so!!!!!
  8. oblivion19

    Site ranking no1 for comp. keyword with no Backlinks.WTF?

    Hey guys, I was checking out some keywords and this site seems to rank for very competitive keywords with apparently no backlinks. Site is (hxxp:// It is ranking for bad credit loans. Yahoo site explorer does not show any.Nothing showz up on seomoz.. I dont get it!
  9. LX911

    What are Link Farms?

    Hey Guys, what do you mean by Link Farms? Can you also give some examples.
  10. P

    Hello TO All my BHW Friends..

    Hello to all my BHW friends.. I was a bit confused earlier about BHW success when first time i was using it and stopped activity on it for a long time but now when again i came to this place for some information, It is fabulous and much helpful for internet marketers or other members.. Really a...
  11. V

    A little question...And a .Gov freebie to encourage awnsers! ;)

    QUESTION: Does anybody know what kind of technique this is? Embedded Script or something?? And how on earth do you do it... ENJOY: And here is a nice .Gov forum that you can spam to hell...
  12. I

    Black Hat Link Technique?

    One of my competitors has jumped #1 for almost every important keyword (at least 25) extremely competitive keywords. Her page rank jumped 2 ranks in less than a few months. So I checked her back links (using yahoo site explorer) because that's the only thing she's got going better than me and...