blach hat seo

  1. O

    Traffic Method

    Please, i need suggestions on how to drive traffic to my movie download site, aside from seo which we all know should not be something to depend on for this kinda content
  2. RandomX

    [HELP NEED] Check This Image Someone Did This To My Website, It may happen to you.

    Hi, Today i searched my website on google and it showed like below image, all are 404 pages, but i didnt created, then how its created and how to remove it from google. Finally how to protect my website from this. Please help in this regard. Thank you
  3. O

    Spam Website on Bing

    Hello, i have a website, its basically filled with scraped content, i built it in less than 2 month ago, now i was having decent amount of traffic, i decided to test out something, i added Bing Clarity tracking code and linked to analytics, the next day, my traffic of more than 12k daily dropped...
  4. Aadya

    Great DA or DR to get backlinks from

    Hi, Guys I had seen that many of the Jr Vice and Other Senior members had shared some of the websites Or Tricks having great DA or DR to get backlinks from to help newbies do you guys also maintain some kind of list or how do you find them can somebody help me in that matter. I also need a list...
  5. Nody Khan

    Someone creating a comment backlinks of my website

    Hello Friends, Someone creating comment backlinks of my website. They created 1000+ Comment backlinks with adult keywords and still creating. What can I do in this situation? How to stop this kind of activity? My website was getting 2000+ visitors per/day and not all the keywords are...
  6. S

    Google's March Update on Nofollow Tag

    Hello everyone, good day! When I surfed on Google updates I got this image Now I'm curious to know how IM'ers taking seriously on it! Most people still not aware of it. Is that update done any changes on Ranking? and, Do you guys think that it is the biggest and most important tag update...
  7. Elcec Dzung

    SEO Black Hat

    I have a large number of users, so how do I SEO the fastest
  8. D

    Directory submission

    Who sells quality directory submission for a porn site?
  9. I

    Link based spam analysis techniques-question

    Hello! I have a short question. Which techniques do you use to perform a link based spam analysis? How do you "hack" penguin? :) Thank you for answers. Have a nice day! Best regards, Ivry. Disclaimer: I need something else than anchor text ratio technique or relative mass.
  10. spykiii

    PBN's Expert Needed - Big Project, Competitive niche.

    Hi Guys. I'm looking for Expert to build large tier 1,2 PBN's for extremely competitive niche. It can be in-house or as freelance. I will only consider experts that can show and prove previous projects results that are still ranked and stable after All latest G updates. If you think you...
  11. A

    Looking for Black Hat SEO Expert

    Hi All, I am looking for a BLACK HAT SEO expert for my travel website. Please share references. Thanks Adlene
  12. James Russel

    Local SEO

    How can I perform local SEO for any website
  13. T

    how to rank on google first some latest and quick responsive technique

    currently my website is on 2nd page not coming on 1st page
  14. Cloud-8it

    SEO help

    I am new to SEO and SEM and I needed help on where to start. What tools would I need and steps should I take to rank better and make $$$. I have not put up a website yet and I am wondering what steps to take to get started. Looking to make quick viable cash. ???? _____________________________...
  15. T

    Does Blackhat techniques maintains long term ranking?

    Can anybody tell me, is blackhat SEO technique is for long term or short term rankings?
  16. WikiLeaker

    Why put in so much work when you could be getting fucked over?

    From what I've read across a number of forums online and reviews of affiliate networks, It seems to be fairly accepted that shaving/scrubbing is just part of the reality of CPA. I understand EPC are likely to be reduced when its BS traffic being sent and to protect from BH methods but it feels...
  17. M

    Google Maps Expert

    Hello i am looking for a google maps expert who can get us on google maps live without pin verification or post card. atleast 2000 Locations in India. please message asap.
  18. A

    What program does link in aging web 2.0 niche?

    which program places links in web 2.0 aged niches?
  19. webmustang

    [2017] How to Boost Web 2.0 and editorial articles?

    Hello World! I need to push up web 2.0 properties as well as guest post articles published in "large" publications. I found that a Quora question is the easiest to push up to page 1 AND keep it up there. The rest is so unpredictable. What would you recommend to boost the rankings of FB...
  20. P

    social profiles for pbn problem

    hi , if i hv pbns on usa servers and aliases inusa and i use an indian ip for socials will it be a footprint for google? Thanks