bitcoin miner

  1. Bevis the Blockhead


    I am Winnie. I am a full time application developer for blockchain technology and have been a freelancer for several years now. I have created many dapps that are currently active on the Etherium blockchain. My interests are Black Hat strategies.
  2. jaxx , is it legit?

    Some guy from facebook inboxed me with investment plan from crypto-block . o r g Plan1 - this plan is a basic plan that returns 7% of any investment made to it for 7days , Capital back after 7days , it has a minimum of $100 and maximum of $999 . Example , you invest 100$ you will get back 7%...
  3. Dinho80

    Computta smart miner scam or a ponzi scheme

    I came across this software Computta smart miner through a friend and he ask me to go for it that its free and worthwhile. After visiting their website I began to have second thought that this software is pure scam and or a ponzi scheme. What I discovered (1) There website look unprofessional...
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