bitcoin futures

  1. R

    Binance hedge? Worth it?

    What binance hedge? I'm currently trading in binance futures with 20X Leverage, and making $25-30 daily in short and sometimes long too. I was wondering what is binance hedging? How is this beneficial for trading, and is it better than the normal trading? What are the advantages and...
  2. U

    What is Bitcoin future?

    What is Bitcoin’s future? Of course, only time will tell if these predictions are accurate. However, some central banks are quite pessimistic about Bitcoin. Because if the situation keeps going like this, Bitcoin will become a threat to the central banks’ existence. For example, in Bazel...
  3. virtualpurity

    CME Bitcoin Futures Launch - Good or Bad for Bitcoin ? What do you think ? What do you think this means for Bitcoin ? Is it possible the rise we saw so far was just manipulation and preparation for a bigger event ? Since bitcoin futures doesnt require traders to actually own...