1. Cryptomok

    Now Tell Me Who Is Waiting For The Bitcoin Halving

  2. Cryptomok

    Why Bitcoin Stability Is Important

    In my view, ensuring Bitcoin stability means steering away from an altcoin crisis, massive shifts in how cryptocurrencies operate, steep inflation rates, and wild swings in altcoin markets. When things get unstable, it messes with people's confidence, slows down investments, and holds back...
  3. Cryptomok

    BlackRock and Ark Propose In-Kind Redemptions for Spot Bitcoin ETFs!

    Hey, did you hear about BlackRock and Ark's move with the Bitcoin ETFs? They're suggesting this cool idea called 'in-kind redemptions.' Basically, instead of cash, investors could swap their ETF shares for actual Bitcoin. It's all about making things more tax-friendly. By doing this, they won't...
  4. V

    Crypto Triangular Arbitrage

    Please can anyone help me with crypto Triangular Arbitrage? I seriously need it.
  5. NaiveKid

    Are all these telegram signal crypto channels making any money nowadays ?

    Just wondering if the market is already overstaurated and people arent dumb enough to give money for worthless signals . Do these people running these channels make good money selling signals or scamming people btc . Just out of curiosity
  6. K

    I need some LEGITIMATE help asap!

    Where else besides Coinbase can I sell a decent quantity of BTC? I'm wanting ledger or ledger or wire transfer, but I'm open to other methods of selling. If anybody has any good and LEGITIMATE suggestions, please message me.
  7. Brianvo

    Bitcointalk account and merit earning.

    As title. I want talk about Bitcointalk account. And anyone offer me an account rank member or upper?
  8. BringMeTraffic

    Looking for crypto investment leads!

    Hi guys Can anyone help me find some crypto investment leads? Looking for GEO's in Australia, Europe and UK. Feel free to send me a pm! :)
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