1. F


    Hello , i want to know if mining is worth it and what are the best cryptos to mine ? What kind of hardware is worth to buy with a minimum budget, I've done some research online but the numbers are not the same , any suggestions would be good.
  2. xRex

    Ad-Network for Warze-Links(Payout to Payza / WMZ/PM / BTC/ATC)

    Hello . I'm looking for an ad-network .. for a little wart-link page. should at Bitcoins / Altcoins or Webmoney (WMZ) / PM or Payza .. thanks a lot
  3. cmghostbuster

    New coin better than BITCOIN? "The Digital Shekel" ?

    I don't know how many of you have heard of Bitcoen not Bitcoin but Bitcoen. BitCoen - "Digital Shekel" 3500 times faster than regular Bitcoin blockchain . It says it's a coin for jews but anybody can buy it. Some say that it could be the "phoenix" coin that appeared on the cover of the...