1. CalinY

    Is bitcoin ETFs a good investment?

    A Bitcoin ETF (Bitcoin exchange-traded funds), is an investment fund that tracks the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin ETFs are traded on traditional exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange, rather than cryptocurrency exchanges. This makes them more accessible to mainstream investors who may not...
  2. W

    Service for BTC atm verification

    Hello everyone! I am looking for sms verification service that will work with different BTC atms. US numbers preferably I tried all the main stream services like sms-activate, and they don't work. Thanks!
  3. O

    how to know a good meme coin before even has launched?

    hey! I just want to start trading on meme coins, and I want to know two things, 1- how i can know a good from a bad coin? 2- how do I know a coin before even has launched? thank you!
  4. alurosu

    No BTC under 60k panic post?

    I am shocked nobody is talking about it. Why do you think this happened? Why do you think everyone is so sure it will go up? Is that a risk sign?
  5. HenryObi

    Do You Know Anyone That Went From Zero To $$$$$$ Via Crypto?

    I have a penpal(over the internet haven't met him before), who used to see me as having more money than him due to a mistake that made him see my bank balance about few years ago. We're really cool though but I don't ask him about his financials. He's been active with crypto especially airdrops...
  6. 1

    Bitcoin price going to down!

    We are thinking in 2021 bitcoin price can be down less than 20k$
  7. alurosu

    This is how you trade BTC, big fish are coming

    I can't even imagine that much money
  8. C

    Where can I buy cheap BTC and sell slightly higher

    Hello family please where can I buy bitcoin cheap and sell to make profit
  9. Simeon4real

    How to get some satoshi's?

    Hey guys, is there any way I wan earn some good amount of satoshi's apart from cryto faucets? Please leave a feedback ❤️
  10. M

    Bitcoin investment that pays

    Can anyone recommend a legit, trustworthy, paying bitcoin platform/ website???
  11. jongmr

    transferwise bank account

    hey i sent my passport to transferwise and i got my us bank account now i have some questions. 1. how do you deposit and withdrawal on transferwise bank account? 2. can i attache it to paypal without problem? if yes can i withdrawal my paypal balance to my transferwise bank account? 3. how can i...
  12. SMMguru

    Need help buy bitcoin by paypal

    i need a website where i can buy bitcoin by paypal .. please help me about this . i need trusted website .
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