1. MgicalaEarner

    Google Ads New Update? Unable to Change Bids for Specific Keywords

    As the title says, for the last few days, I have not been able to change bids for specific keywords. Previously, when we hovered the mouse over keywords, there was a pencil icon that allowed us to modify the bids, but I don't see it anymore. Is it just me, or is everyone else experiencing the...
  2. S

    Push ads - does the offer payout matters so much?

    Hi everyone! I'm new in affiliate marketing, now trying to get into push ads. I was wondering, in your opinion, does it make sense to look for offers with a large payout? Right now I have 2 converting LATAM dating offers, CV floating around 1:25 - 1:45 with 0.35 payout, which is probably good I...
  3. J

    Newbie help me in flipping

    In short: Holding some expired domains (4 Lettered, some are Branded, Very old). i bought them on cheaper costs long back and the domain evaluations like godaddy and estibot say they worth some big $$$$$$. Listed them on flippa but not worthy bids bid on any domain. wasted a lot of money and...
  4. devilo44

    destroy competitions ads?

    If i keep clicking adverts from google search engine relating to my neiche and then leaving the site this would waste the competitions ad money and give them a higher bounce rate if im not being moronic again this should work so please tell me all the plot holes in this method would google...
  5. C

    How to Determine Max CPC for New Keywords with No Conversion History

    Hello, I am in the process of setting up a new adwords campaign. I understand that to determine max CPC you must use a formula that involves your profit per conversion, desired return on ad spend, and your conversion rate for that particular keyword or ad group. However, what if you have no...
  6. K

    For which goods can I use a price above 1 and still get bids?

    I haven't yet bought items to sell on ebay but I sold items I owned and did not need anymore. I have always started at 1. For an old bike(being created by a good company though) the price went up to 28. Not satisfiying. Then I started at 14 for another product and got no bids at all - even...
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