bhw membership

  1. Hello Fello

    [New here] I am confused! - Jr. VIP membership

    Suppose I am 60 days old here and have 100 posts and also have paid for Jr. vip membership ($97), can I post in the marketplace then?
  2. PowerKnipser

    Messages stuck at 50?

    I recently hit the 50 messages bar and I'm very happy that I'm now officially not a newbie anymore :D Anyways, I wrote some other messages and started a new thread yesterday but my "messages" tab still remains at 50 messages. Is that normal after hitting the 50 messages bar?
  3. megaMind007

    want to becoming Jr. VIP

    Hi, I want to upgrade my account to Jr. VIP ....can anyone tell me the procedure for becoming Jr. VIP and How can I pay them. I've already sent a pm with an moderator almost a week ago but no respond yet. so if a mod can pass this to admins I'll appreciate it :) thanks!
  4. Affcodebreaker

    Help Me

    I wanna sell my multiple services on BHW on same thread for that i have to purchase just premium membership or should must purchase JRVIP +and have 90 Post? And also what about marketplace seller is here anyone who can clear me my confusion clearly. Thanks in advance.