bhw jr vip

  1. TheDankChocolate

    The Grass is always...

    There is this saying Grass is Greener on the other side. But when it comes to BHW, I guess it is blue on the other side. After almost spending 2 years on this wonderful, I have decided to upgrade to Jr. VIP. Looking forward to the greater opportunities that I may come up with. Cheers!
  2. arzul.cpa444

    Hello Everyone if i become a Jr. VIP member can i change my username!

    Hello Everyone if I become a Jr. VIP member can I change my username! Please give the Information.
  3. Hawkeye Digital

    Blue Badge Coming Soon !

    So Around 800 posts had been done , Looks like I am addictive to BHW ! It feels like my new home ! So I am planning to Upgrade my Subs to JR VIP Next or This month ! What are your opinion regard this ?
  4. PetalSEO

    New Year With JR VIP MemberShip !

    So Just become JR VIP , Days ago so Can any body tell me that how to rent the signature Section ? I had gone over many threads but they are not explaining how to rent an signature section , How much I can get by renting the signature ! Thank you !
  5. HeadOfSeo

    My 500 Post and Blue Again!

    Hi This is my 500 post and I am Blue again after a long time at BHW. Let's digging together with Paypal monky generator. Hope, I will be regular online at BHW now. Thanks
  6. TomTheCat

    I've become Blue and I don't know what to do next :|

    I don't know what to do next... I think I'll read all threads inside the Jr. VIP sub-forum. For Yellows: What will be the first thing you will do IF you will become Blue one day? For Blues: What was the first thing you've done after you became Blue? Thanks!
  7. sunil0021

    Jr. Vip Requirements

    I wanted to be a jr. vip but i need at least 100 posts to buy that title but i wanted to know that do i need to create 100 threads for that or replying to posts is enough?