1. alpuk

    Bestseller Youtube Udemy Course

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  2. Max Kirschner

    Making a book with little content sell

    There are some books out there that allegedly sell like crazy(bestseller list of amazon) that are just ... diaries. Yeah, some have a twist, nice design and some bland platitudes, but in the end, you can just use their method with any notepad you choose. Let's say you invented the method of the...
  3. A

    Need Purchases of My Novel to Drive Up Amazon Ranking

    Trying to boost the Amazon sales ranking. Need about 5-10 purchases done in a specific amount of time. Look for Together in Secrecy by Ary Chest on amazon. Once you make the purchase and send a pic of the receipt to me, [email protected], I can cover the cost, plus a little extra. You can...
  4. A

    Amateur / Ambitious Novelist Looking to Boost Sales Ranking

    Hello, Internet Friends and Neighbors. Here's the rundown. I'm trying to build a writing resume. To achieve such a goal, I need my novel to get on the Amazon bestseller list. In order to get on the list, an abundance of orders needs to be placed, at the same time. I need at least ten people to...