1. webtroloji

    Easiest BEP20 or ERC20 Token Generating

    I was researching online resources to produce my new token. Smart contracts, blockchain networks, gas fees, web3 technology, remix ethereum.. I came across a lot of unknown topics. But I learned all of them one by one. Blockchain network and technology excite me more and more every day. For...
  2. Brickbat1

    How is this type of Crypto scam possible?

    I witnessed twice now, a fresh token add liquidity on PCS V2, looked at the contract and it had ownership revoked, had almost all tokens in the contract, had a burn address and liquidity was locked for one year. Liquidity was large also, over $10k. Then after some minutes, in both cases not up...
  3. amyharkins912

    BEP20/ERC20 Token Development.

    Hi I am looking for someone who can develop custom BEP20/ERC20 token. I am in crypto market since 2014, and I am aware the costing to develop a token, so please away if you expect huge money to develop a token. I know, if you are expert, you will take only 2-3 hrs. Hope to get best quote. Reg.