1. GringoMonkey

    Bad luck or what?

    My friend has just opened a bar in thailand and almost immediately had to close due to corona virus! Bad luck for him. He has to throw away his entire supply of beer on keg and offered it me for free. I cannot get a flight there! Bad luck for me!
  2. Visual Eagle

    I think I deserve to open 1 one ;)

    So my friend goes: Yo dude! I brewed new black beer you gonna love it the Black Mamba is the shit :D And I was like okay okay in exchange of a six pack or two I got something for you :P went ahead and made this ... "Translation: We are not responsible for "poisons" obtained from...
  3. C

    Hey guys can you help me with some tips on how to improve my blog

    Its nwbeerblogdotcom I talk about craft beer. I put adsense on there but hasn't made a penny has small readership but am committed to making it succeed if you all have any pointers.I try and be active on social but doesn't return much and have just recently getting more blog posts written about...
  4. D

    Journey to free beer with BTB's method

    Hi, this is my first journey thread @ BHW. I'm going to try method by BTB: Why you may ask? It's mostly because of indianbill007's giveaway thread here...
  5. R

    [Free as in Beer] Customized Blogger Templates

    Have a cold one on me. These Blogspot templates will be customized, unique, and tailored to your needs that you can utilize for whatever you want without any obligations. Free as in Beer! This is a first come, first serve basis. 1 template per person until ALL are served. I have no idea how...
  6. Seo-Devil

    Guy finds his house plumbed with Beer

    Plenty of mens are dreaming about it
  7. O

    Where to Find a Beer and Brewery Wordpress Blog Theme

    Hi friends, I am interested in making a blog about Beer Brands. When I searched for wordpress themes, I could not find any theme for me. I did a lot of search for the free themes, no success. There are amazing paid themes, but I need a free theme as I can not afford the paid theme because of...
  8. GiftGuru

    iPhone 4S: Siri Learns How to Pour a Beer [VIDEO]

    Who knew the iPhone 4S's Siri could learn how to do so many useful things? Case in point: These guys have trained her to "pour them a beer."
  9. m0nster

    Beer troubleshooting

    your welcome.
  10. floflo89

    Who is Drinking at this time??

    Who's Drinking at this time?? A free beer whit love from .ro !!
  11. GiftGuru

    A moment of silence please...

    Let's all observe a moment of silence for the beer truck overturned with 40,000 cans in California
  12. B

    Suggestions for Monetizing my Blog

    Hi BHW, My website is a bar review, beer review, and new music blog called barsfromlastnight. I've had trouble monetizing this site. We are looking to get sponsors for our available ad space, but does anyone have any suggestions how to make it profitable?
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