1. W

    base64 redirection script

    I need a base64 redirection script which actually changes for every recipient it delivers to For example: you send it subscribers through supermailer every client that receives it gets a different link which redirects to the main link you want them to visit.
  2. D

    Who can solve/automate this kind of captcha ?

    Who can solve/automate this kind of captcha ? The hotspot circles in the images change after each reload of the image their position. In addition, the captchas are valid only a few seconds. Hint: if you click on the wrong point, the captcha dissapears/ is completely hidden / and your...
  3. P

    Decoding PHP

    Hi Everybody,I can decode most types of PHP Encryptions.If you want to decode any of your file,you can PM me or reply below. No Free Service Guys :p! Thank You!
  4. DunDidIt2X

    Base64 code-Anyone have tips?

    Is utilizing base 64 code to hide links in site footers still effective and if notis there still apractical application to using this for marketing purposes?
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