1. AleksRempleng

    The base of all Facebook users, how to monetize?

    Hi, I already have 2 open dialogs on the forum in my direction, but today I do not have a story or help, but a question. If there are user bases in 107 countries from facebook. What are the ideas for its monetization besides spam on it, although if there are interesting profitable ideas, it is...
  2. Dmitry Belanskiy

    WhatsApp Number Base

    I need someone who can collect targeted Whats App user base
  3. terryuk

    Google base..

    I'm in the progress of adding our product ranges to Google Base but I was wondering if anyone has got any tips for using this? As it seems annoying as hell not being able to find your product in some vague searches. Anyone seeing this or any tips? Cheers
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