ban hammer

  1. Nowrid Ahsan

    Wtf is wrong with FB?

    I've been going extremely cautiously with my accounts but fb just keeps on banning them, tried residential proxies, dedicated proxies, dynamic ip, I'm using facedominator atm with the farming settings dialed down by a lot trying to replicate human like behaviour as much as I can, had over 30...
  2. S

    Use bots, but prevent Tumblr from banning my main account?

    Hi, I'd like to take my main blog to the next level. It's done really well with organic growth, but it needs more now. Can you guys tell me if this plan is enough to protect me from getting my main account banned? Goal: I plan to use 5 bots to reblog my main blogs new posts. That way it will...
  3. Botwiz

    Fake itrader being left! This is retarded! - palmere - parke - davidfk -

    These 3 ppl I'm assuming are the same. They are leaving bogus itrader which makes absolutely no sense. Looks like either CL or another one of those !Dseva/barden look-a-likes. palmere parke davidfk 1 of the 3 has already been banned. I just don't get why someone would bother doing this as...
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