backpage poster

  1. IMStudent

    Freakin Cool!

    Hello Everyone! This site is awesome! I'm totally new to IM and don't know squat! I joined because I was trying to find out about posting to Backpage. I can't seem to find out for sure from BHW what you can or can't do on BP. I want to be able to post in multiple cities countries on BP. I am...
  2. jmsks33

    Backpage Experience user Wanted

    We are looking for experienced people that can reply to ads on backpage The work will be done via affiliate system, and we pay $10 per sale (or more) PM for complete details and information
  3. C

    { REQUEST } Beand New BackPage Poster!!

    Hi, I Just Got An Email From Creative Software.They Have A New BP Poster For $100 Bucks.To Rich For Me At The Moment.Just Wondering If Anyone Has It Or Can Give Her A Good Cracken? Thanks Here's The Link
  4. mystery

    URGENT: Experienced BackPage Poster Required!

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an EXPERIENCED backpage poster. By experienced, I mean I need someone who KNOWS what he or she is doing. Knows how to make posts stick for the longest period and how to manipulate the backpage system if necessary. I'm looking for high volume. Around...
  5. A

    I need a reliable back page ad placement service

    I am seeking a real, legit back page ad placement service for daily ad placement. BS, if you're legit, i would love to hear from you. PM me and I'll get right back to you
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