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  1. Stas Va

    Backlinks Checker Tool ✅ MAJESTIC and GOOGLE API Metrics ✅ Google INDEX Checker ✅ BACKLINKS TRACKER ⭐ FROM $ 2/month

    ADDITIONAL INFO: More details about our product you can read: here We also have a Journey on BHW: here TUTORIAL VIDEO (How to USE): F.A.Q What Problems you solve? Simplify and automate Backlink checking and tracking processes. What “link verification” means? That parameter check if the...
  2. T

    [How to] Check backlinks for free - NO software needed

    So I just saw a question on how to check if a backlink is still active on a certain page. So the free options are : Use the FREE scrapebox link checker and install it. Easy to use just read the page here: No software version Let's just use Google...
  3. Ben Thomas

    BacklinkWatch has been shutdown? Really...!!!

    Hi there, For competitor's backlink research, I always used which is best from other backlink extractor websites. But, I m watching for 3 days the website has been shut down and I m totally upset. Is backlinkwatch is really shut down for forever? What do you think? Also...
  4. dennyfar

    Free Backlink Checker to Disavow Links

    Hi is there a free backlink checker tool to check bad links?