1. puneetas3

    [Need Advice] Best WP Theme for Elementor to create variety of Client sites

    Hi, I need some suggestions regarding the best WP theme to use with elementor. People who take on web dev clients, please do advise. A little background- I am a coder. I develop WP plugins from scratch for clients mostly for woocommerce, buddypress etc, but I want to take on the web dev clients...
  2. B

    Web design

    I have an existing website a web designer did for me. Recently i start using avada theme and very happy with it. I want to design some pages using avada. Is there a way to do it without damaging existing one ? Or shall i create the website from scratch ? (Also can i do it without shutting...
  3. Ybba Semad

    Wordpress Avada Theme Replacement Possible?

    Hi guys, I have a client whos original developer used an Avada theme. I didn't realize it was nulled or something because I updated it and now nothing works in it. He's now telling her it was a GPL copyo_O. I see we have a few copies here in BHW. Is it possible for me to delete the existing...
  4. NikoNikic

    How to use Instabuilder 2.16 on already existing site?

    I've started developing my site with avada (10h of work) and avada has some options that instabuilder doesn't, now I would like to do some changes with instabuilder which are hard to do with avada. Anyone used instabuilder before and have any tips how to do this?
  5. I

    Revolution Slider And SEO

    Is the Revolution Slider bad for SEO? I am seeing conflicting opinions. Some keyword density tools are reading the text in the sliders, some are not. So can the bots read the text in the sliders or not? Any tips on how to use the Revolution slider more effectively or properly is much...