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  1. C

    Browser automation studio

    Hey guys it’s my first post here, and I was wondering if you guys can help me. I use browser automation studio and I wanted to know if it was possible to create a Disqus like bot that create verified user accounts. If anybody uses BAS it would really help me out to get some advice you can share...
  2. akash80575

    Tool to get a check on multiple accounts

    So I am looking for a free tool that can help me keeping a check on multiple twitter accounts. Like their followers/unfollowers, likes, retweet and all. Anyone?
  3. Sophie Lee 2

    Will you use marketing automation tool to market?

    Newbie here. I find it's very difficult to look for the right person to buy the services or products. So I want to ask a question. Will you use marketing automation tool to market?
  4. vedeus

    Pitnerest/IG/Twitter Automation for free without limitations?

    Hello there, does anyone know any Pinterest/IG/Twitter Automation tool for free? I was searching for some but there was always free trial, or free with limitations.. It would be great if you can share something with me :) Thanks!
  5. sdfdds

    Best Way To Give The Perfect Content A Viral Push?

    I have some bombshell content. Perfect story, perfect image perfect tagline. To give you an idea of the sort of content I have, one of the avenues I'm pursuing to spread it is submitting it to local news tip lines. And they are starting to report on it. Now that you understand how powerful...
  6. keithdu45

    Instagram automation sectors

    Hi I was wondering: which business sectors use Instagram automation tools the most? Or with a different formulation: what sectors are most likely to use Instagram automation tools? From your personal experience or from articles written about that (I haven't found a topic on this question...
  7. imonboss

    Better than Tailwind?

    Any chrome extension that not only pin but bulk repin from any account?
  8. livwebbb

    Chaturbate Traffic Bot - Automatic Software + 1000 Viewers

    Hello brothers, Im looking for person who will build Chaturbate Bot ( Automatic Software ) or app or know how to generate people/viewers to room on I need about +1000 people in room ( registered users and anonymous ). I have 1GB/s internet speed, so this is not a problem. Also...
  9. d_Storm

    Easiest Way To Pin 20+ Pins From One Board To Others?

    I am desperately looking for an automation tool that would help me pin 20+ pins from a single board to several others. I am using a lot of accounts, so Tailwind or others similar to it are not gonna help since they only allow pinning from one (or 5) account(s) depending on the package. Please...
  10. H

    JARVEE instagram Settings

    Hello i've been reading a lot of threads about Instagram Journeys, Find em finally exciting especially instagram is very targeted also the great threads of @DEADZ so I decided to start my own. I Bought 10 accounts from @Valar Instagramis, private proxies and subscripton with JARVEE. Well...
  11. HenryObi

    Is Jarvee Still Worth It For IM Today?

    Hi and goodday BHW, Just as the title said, I want to know if paying for Jarvee is still worth it? I want to use it for Pinterest, IG and maybe twitter. I was read someone complaining of his Pinterest account getting banned sometime ago I don't know if it's still the same situation right...
  12. D

    Question Price Comparison Tool - Automated

    Hi, I'm looking for a price comparison tool, which automatically detects big price differences between marketplaces such as Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy etc. Are there any tools besides Profit Spy which do this? I'm not willing to pay $70 per month for profit spy just to make use of 1 of...
  13. swagbasedgodswag

    Is there a way to automate actions to win a survey contest?

    There is a survey contest, which if i clear my cookies, I am able to vote again for someone nominated for an award. There are two people who must be doing something similar because they are neck and neck with tons of votes but they are most likely doing it manually. I want to be able to...
  14. rudrapada

    [HELP] 'Browser Automation Studio' Experts,advice needed ASAP!!!!!

    I need some advice with Browser Automation Studio,I am currently building a bot with it.i completed 90% of my bot,Help needed in some of the crucial will be complete then.These are my pain points : 1.How to solve Recaptcha 2.0 using this tool to upload images automatically to a...
  15. thetroll

    Would You Buy An AutoHotkey Script/Bot for Repetitive Tasks?

    It's no secret that AutoHotkey is open-source macro-creation software with a lot of powerful capabilities, going far beyond simple macros. The language is not hard to learn, but for some people, learning a new language of any sorts is a daunting task. Others simply don't have the time in their...
  16. M

    Intro- Community, drop Shipping, business opportunities

    Hi everyone! I have been doing E-commerce for many years now, mainly focusing on DS this days from big retailers and marketplaces. Actually I have more of a tech company, developing apps, tools and platforms, specializing in drop shipping. Our last dev is a platform to protect your store from...
  17. L

    - Hiring - Looking for Very Experienced Instagram Agency Managing Mass Accounts in Bot

    I am now hiring a very very experienced instagram agency to manage mass accounts Requirement: 1. Very experienced in using Instagram Bots ( e.g. FollowLiker, Mass Planner ) 2. Computer required to run 500+ Accounts ( e.q. VPS, Quality Private Proxy ) 3. Quality PVA Instagram...
  18. N

    Why Imacros stucks for no reason

    I was just wondering, imacros works well initially and then it stops or keep loading even when the webpage is already loaded and shows unrelated errors, anyone has a better alternative or a solution to this, that would be good.
  19. HaxTuTorial

    New youtube bot

    I am thinking of coding a youtube bot cause all the ones I find don't work. Since i'm considering coding one i'm wondering whether to make it public or just for me so I need help on deciding! Though if anyone knows any good youtube bots(good means it can subscribe, like comments, send...
  20. D

    How to find number of outbound links on a site - Magic Submitter add your own sites

    I have been using magic submitter for the last month and I have found it not to be so helpful with the sites it provides straight out of the box. I am going after high Searched, high competition keywords and it has not been working so far. This is when I realized I need to use my own sites in...